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Vertical circular water tank

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Introduction to stainless steel water tank

Common stainless steel water tanks include stainless steel fire water tank, square combined water tank, vertical round water tank and horizontal round water tank. Stainless steel plates such as SUS304, SUS316L and SUS444 are used for stamping. Generally, it is stamped into three sizes, namely 1x1m, 1x0.5m and 0.5x0.5m. The periphery is welded by tungsten argon arc welding, which is characterized by high strength, light weight, low cost, environmental protection and sanitation. The manufacturing standard is the national building standard 02s101 design atlas.

Parameters of stainless steel water tank

1. Welds and materials of water supply tank: The following are prepared according to the technical parameters of stamping stainless steel tank. The accessories of water tank are made of ordinary carbon steel plate and profiled steel, and welded with LB304NI8.0 welding rod. Their quality shall comply with the provisions of current standards Carbon Structural Steel and Carbon Steel Welding Rod respectively.

The splicing of LB304 stainless steel plate on the top, wall and bottom of the box adopts butt welding (the top plate is I-type weld, the bottom plate and side wall are V-type weld), and other welding is fillet weld. There is no cross between the welds, and it is not allowed to overlap with the reinforcing rib. The welding machine is LB-2-300 type special welding machine for stainless steel water tank, which has the function of electric welding and argon welding.

2. Full water test

After the water tank is made, fill it with water completely. After 2~3 hours, tap it with a hammer of 0.5~1.5 kg at a place about 150 mm from both sides of the weld. It is qualified if there is no water leakage; If water leakage is found, it is necessary to re-weld and re-test.


Stainless steel water tank is applicable to large hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments, scientific research and teaching buildings, food processing, medical and health care, electronic industry and other places with high water quality requirements. (Note: use with caution if the content of chloride ion in water is high)

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